Construction of the MANGO project

MANGOproject started for us fromfine finish.

Prior to that, another designer had been working here, therefore all the plumbing was already acquired, as well as tiles for the guest bathroom.

The layout was thought out perfectly. But as the task was a complicated one, it was necessary to make an inception of our interior into existing conditions and do it quickly enough. Construction work was temporarily stopped to make sketches. Then the new construction phase began. Of course, we shifted some of the leads and played a little with the geometry of the master bathroom. So, it was as follows:


Finishes selection began immediately. Gypsum panels were chosen for the decoration of the wall under the windows in the living room.


The new construction began with the transfer of electrical leads, warm floors laying and the construction of a bathroom podium.

The next step was laying the tiles and stone.

Afterwards began the mounting of the selected plaster, window sills, and laying out a complex pattern of large-format tiles and brass (everything had to be perfectly cut according to our drawings).


Parquet and paint arrived at the facility.

We select tiles for the TV zone, tinting for the wooden blinds, tiles grout.


The parquet is laid, we set up the kitchen and select the furniture upholstery and bathroom cabinet color.

We install dressing rooms and mount the stone.

Oak-veneered cabinet furniture (one of the most memorable elements of this interior) and a stone handle on a sliding door are installed as well.


We install widescreen tiles in the TV area and plumbing is already in place.

The oak wall is also ready. As well as a fairy-tail wall in the nursery. All walls are complete!

Only the columns in the living room remained unfinished, but we put them off a little.


It seems like almost everything is ready, but .. :) But there is still a lot of work ahead. We select fabric for the chairs upholstery as well as mirrors in the hallway.

But the console shelf in the hallway is already mounted and a beautiful tailor-made pouf arrivedas well. Also the beautiful sliding doors, for which we stone handle and brass inserts were custom-made.

The next to arrive was the bathroom washbasin cabinet, and brass handles for accordion doors took their rightful places.

The curtains are up, the sofa and the projector are in place, now you can watch football matches and movies like in a movie theater!


Light is one of the most important aspects of the interior (both technical and decorative).

Technical - fills the room with the necessary amount of light (we decide on it in advance with customers, since everything is very individual), but decorative light adds emphasis and, in most cases, forms a composition around itself.

In this case, all the technical light was already split-up, and leads were also drawn for decorative light. Everything was connected to the smart home system.

To be continued...