ANTIC project construction

The shooting is over, it's time to share our impressions of our participation in the Dachniy OtvetTV show and tell our side of story. So, it all began with meeting the owners, getting to know them, their wishes and, of course, the house itself. The heroes dreamed of a Greek-style bathroom, which would become a place of relaxation, where they can relax and unwind after a long tiring day and not just take a simple shower.


Owners’ introduction and room measurement

Filming the project’s start

We had a spacious room with two windows at our disposal. The future bathroom was empty and did not require any dismantling, besides the column in the center of the room. But after consulting the engineers and uncovering the roofing, we were convinced that the column was not a bearing one, therefore we moved it and used as an element of the shower enclosure.


First visit to the site, the author's support

One peculiar setback - the ventilation from the kitchen, which unexpectedly went straight into the future bathroom, was turned into a designer feature, which caused the appearance of new architectural forms resembling pilasters. This solution has not only added geometry to the space, but further allowed to embed additional lighting behind it, which became a part of the evening lighting scenario.


Plumbing arrangement performed despite the difficulties

Premises outlines appeared

Furniture measurements had to be done before the marble slabs’ installment

Finishes, handles and sockets selection

Similar to any other TV project, there were rules, sponsors and contractors. We attracted most of the latter ourselves to implement the interior the way it was intended. Each of our projects is worked down to the smallest details and every effort is made forimplementation not to differ from the original concept.


One of the partners was «Style-decor" company, known for products under the brand BetON. The whole white embossed wall decoration was entirely carried out by them. We needed a flexiblematerial, which allows to create irregular-shaped panels, and at the same time suitable for use in damp rooms and places directly exposed to water. This material turned out to be glass fiber concrete, covered with a special composition, makingit moisture-resistant. For our project a special frame was developed, thefirm also created needed forms, and calculated the load and made the panels hollow, in order not to overload the hardwood floors. As a result, we had an interesting finish of the desired white tint, as heterogeneous as the real antique stones.


Concrete panels are ready and packed for shipment to Moscow

We are not the first time cooperating with the Svarok-master company, asthey have proved to be reliable suppliers, that tackle even the most difficult tasks. It was their marble that we used on the podium and in the shower area. To create all these elements, it took 5 slabs of stone to cut! Furthermore, based on our sketches, special cabinets for mixers were manufactured, which again only appeared in the course of the project (the supplier did not have floor mixers of the desired height, so we came up with cabinets for existing ones).


We pay thorough attention to each and every detail in the project, so that our interiors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. For example, despite the fact that hammam seems quite simple the making at first glance, in reality it was a difficult process of selecting the materials’ shades so the interior does not fall apart. It wasn’t a thing of a chance that the mosaic fitted so harmoniously into the interior. We held several selection meetings and even took samples to Minsk to compare against marble samples :)


Thoroughly selecting the mosaic, facade color and wood tint

Shooting mosaic tile application

Marble installation

Concrete panels and mosaics already on the walls

Initially, the project was to use gold fittings, but the sponsor did not have gold-colored mixers. Another problem arose: it was necessary to replace the mixers with chrome-plated ones and pick the rest of the metal parts in such color that could be combined with chrome, but retained the interior refinement. We were saved by Alfainoxcompany, which plated stainless steel with a special composition of a muted purple hue that perfectly matches chrome and intricately reacts to different lighting conditions. Based on our drawings, the manufacturer worked through all the design drawings for every mirrors’ detail and, at our request, placed IR switches on the frame. In the same shade cabinet handles were made, as well as the plinth, which frames theconcrete panels


Steel baseboards protection removal and SOFIA finish installation

Another bathroom wall finishare the panels supplied by the company Sofia.These very panels resemble American walnut veneer, but are actually made of Cortex material (Japanese polypropylene, which is the most ecologically safe and widely used in the medical and even food industry). We just added an artificial stone trim on the bottom cut to protect it from moisture. For these panels we selected the color of the tinted sliding shutters, which were tinted 8 times in order to achieve the perfect combination of shades. We also made flush-mounted runners in the ceiling in such a way, that only the slit for the façade movement remained visible. It can be moved if access to the window is required. Roll-up blinds on the windows aremanageable by a touch switch in order to make their use in the interior as comfortable as possible.


Radiators installation

Of course, like at any construction site, there were several issues and difficult moments. But we were always able to overcome them, thanks to the team’s professionalism and experience. We are grateful to all the sponsors and contractors who were unindifferent to the project and helped resolve emerging issues. Thanks to the joint work, it was possible to find the right solutions and implement the project as planned.


Furniture assembly was not impeccable, but in the end everything fitted perfectly

And a special thanks from us to the film crew and the director, because of whom the shooting turned out to be easy and interesting! The atmosphere at the site contributed to complete immersion into the project, it was thrilling to talk about the creation of the interior and its details (of course, the airtime did not allow to leave it all, a lot had to be cut).


Prefinal shooting

And now everything is ready! Shooting the project finale