Development of an interior layout plan would be a great option for those who would like to implement the interior by themselves but need an assistance to competently plan the space and allocate functional zones. We’ll consider your requirements and space ergonomics, and help you create a comfortable interior.

Design steps

1. Taking measurements and making photos of the space 

Our team visits the place, takes measurements of all rooms, makes photos of the space and complex objects. Then, we prepare a measurement plan that would be a foundation for the future project.



2. Creation of the detailed Technical specification

Based on the selected interior images, we discuss the filling of each room.


3. Development of several layout options

Based on the created Technical specification, we prepare several layout options with different arrangement of furniture and allocation of functional zones.



Then, we combine the elements the clients prefered in each layout option and prepare a final layout plan. After this, we create all the necessary tech drawings and an axonometric space model that would be a foundation for the interior implementation process.



The project includes:


- Measurement plan of the space

- Plan of the constructions to demount (if there is a replanning expected)

- Plan of the constructions to raise (if there is a replanning expected)

- Plan of the space after the replanning (if there is a replanning expected) with furniture arrangement, space dimensions and their functional use

- Plan of the plumbing equipment



4. The interior layout plan is ready

With a ready-to-use interior layout plan it would be easier for you to start and control renovation works. Moreover, you’ll have an idea of the dimensions you need to follow to bring the concept to life.




Electricity drawings


As an additional option, we offer development of the electricity drawings that include:


- Layout of ceiling and wall lighting

- Lighting control plan

- Layout of sockets, switches, electrical outlets

- Layout of underfloor heating with a controller placement

- Specification of sockets and switches blocks


Electricity drawings are among the most important ones during the construction works, they are usually provided at the very beginning.







As an one more addition to the interior layout plan, we can create a set of interior design collages. Even though a collage cannot be considered as a complete design solution, it allows to set the right direction of working with the rooms further. With the help of the collages, you can decide on the interior color scheme for the space and choose suitable decoration materials, as well as select furniture and lightning pieces that perfectly match each other, creating a consistent and classy interior.



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