BAKED MILK project

Project for a two-kids family.
Mild minimalism was chosen as the basic interior style. Straight lines and finishing materials create impeccable coziness.
Used color range is restrained, almost white with slight tinctures(baked milk).
Floor-to-ceiling doorframes came to rescue when previously lowered ceiling (to create sound isolation) had to be optically lifted. One of the main tasks was the remodeling: a three-room apartment had to become a four-room one. The issue was that the fourth room was to appear from a part of the living room and take up one window. As the second window looked out into the balcony which faced the opposite house, the room was a pretty dark one. So we faced the question of preserving the light in the main area. Solution came in the form of smart-glass. It can be either transparent or frosted when needed. As the small area was designed for the little daughter, this came in handy: mother can always keep an eye on her child. Two columns in the living room had to be finished in a way to eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the massive bearing structures.
This was accomplished with the help of wooden partitions and white marble colored ceramic porcelain tiles.
Partitions hide away a part of the construction, divide the space into lounge and dining areas, while  marble’s reflecting effect makes them lighter.
Kitchen is done in a maximally  minimalistic way. Sliding  waist-high drawers hide everything usually hung on the wall. Therefore the  kitchen becomes a part of the interior and it’s neat complement.
Bathroom(now fitted with boiler, washing and drying machines) and restroom are finished with  stone-cut printed tiles. As  the family doesn’t use the bathtub, its place was taken by a shower stall.
Children’s rooms are also decorated in restrained colors , though it is clearly observed that they are designed especially for kids. In son’s room there is an in-built dresser, which tabletop serves as a window-sill. Removable enclosure structures, reliably secured inside the dresser,  make the sill undoubtedly safe and comfortable to sit on.
Small parents’ bedroom was optically widened with the help of mirrors. Rosewood veneer panels in the TV area and velour veneer panels at the bedhead comprise an integral part of the finishing. Simple shapes and softness of the materials create a cozy inviting atmosphere for relaxation.
 Interior is spiced with the view over the park- during public holidays the house is surrounded by the myriad of capital fireworks.


3D sketches