What is a CONCEPT project?

This is a ready-made interior design for people who don’t have time for an individual project, but have the desire and strength to implement the interior by themselves. We adapt the layout concept, drawings, and documentation to the dimensions and characteristics of your house, so you get a technically elaborated and harmonious interior. Moreover, you save your time, energy and budget compared to the individual project development.



«Like any artist or creative person, I like to create something for myself without specifications, in order to experiment and look for new forms. In this way, a lot of interior concepts have been created, but have not been realized, remaining only as 3D renders. I’ve decided to give a life to these projects.

So, the first Concept project has appeared. We worked out all the details: the technical decisions, finishes, furniture, and lights. All the details match in style, proportion, and color. Everyone can choose their preferred color scheme and all that remains is to adapt the project to a new space».


Jenya Lykasova


CONCEPT project benefits

  • The price of the CONCEPT interior project is significantly lower than individually developed one
  • CONCEPT is not a mass-market interior design. You get an interior and documentation that have been carefully crafted down to the smallest detail
  • The project can be implemented in any space: both in a large house or in a small studio apartment
  • There are 3 color schemes to choose - Nature, Blue, Dark
  • You immediately see the result, do not spend time and energy to approve sketches or find furniture and light 
  • You save time since the production of the documentation is 3-4 times faster compared to the individual project
  • You get the estimate for the entire project and can efficiently plan your budget
  • We've noted all the details of the interior design, so you can implement the interior exactly as it looks on the 3D renders
  • You can implement the project at a comfortable speed, since we transmit the documentation to you with specifications and supplier contact details
  • You get a unique interior, as we select an individual planning solution, adapt drawings and estimate to your requirements and house dimensions


CONCEPT project №1

The first CONCEPT project was developed in three color schemes - Nature, Blue, Dark.







We've already prepared the 3D renders that show the combination of colors, shapes and proportions.

Therefore, we start with a planning solution for your apartment or house.

The project can be implemented in any space: both in a house or in a small studio apartment.





Then, we prepare all the necessary construction drawings and tech documentation to implement the interior in accordance with the design project. 
The detailed design package includes floor plans, distribution of the main functional areas, furniture arrangement, electricity plan, wall and ceiling finishes, etc.




We've already prepared all the specifications: selected furniture, lights, bathroom fixtures and decorations.

It only remains to adapt the interior planning and space, as well as recalculate the number of elements for your house or apartment.
You will immediately get the final budget for the entire project.


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Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the CONCEPT project. We'll gladly answer your questions or meet at our office to discuss the project details.