AMUR project

The project was designed for a young couple who likes to travel and is crazy about Scandinavia. Their passion determined the style of interior: it had to be very light and cozy, with a homey atmosphere in each and every room.
Remodeling was inevitable. The living room was tiny- 15.4 sq.m., the kitchen was dark (due to the fact that the balcony door served as a window), the cloakroom didn’t have anything besides a toilet. Only the bedroom was relatively spacious- 17,6 sq.m. First off, the partition wall between the kitchen and the living room was removed and substituted by a different partition with glass windows, which divides the area but doesn’t block the light. We also enlarged the window embrasure by lowering the sill level. Now the room has more light and the wide sill is comfortable to sit on. These tricks optically expanded the space, brought some air (though the size of the room remained almost unchanged).
The cloakroom was enlarged as well: to do so we moved the door (cutting down the corridor) and pushed the wall behind the toilet depthward(water riseres allowed us to do so).  Due to that we managed to place a small sink and a cabinet for detergents and other needed supplies in the restroom.
From now on the bedroom has a dressing room. Its walls were made light-transparent(glass combined with wooden lammelae)-that way it doesn’t collect dust and there’s no need to turn on the light during the day.
Pastel colors were used in decorating the room. Most of the walls are painted in light (close to white)ocherish tones. This was made in order to make the room to the uttermost light and airy. One of the most peculiar materials in use was the real 18th century brick. One part of it was painted white, the other remained untouched. To emphasize the whiteness of the walls and add depth to the space we implemented diluted purple color. The wood color of shelves and parquet board(both made of whitened oak) play a crucial part in the palette. Natural textures in the interior create the feeling of comfort, highlight its naturalness, authenticity. Cloakroom and bathroom are decorated with the combination of white and pastel-colored tiles. The ornament adds a touch of playfulness and color, unlike more flat wall design in the rooms. 

Photo by: Eugene Grabkin and Alexander Kladov