DEPTH project

On the whole, the interior is designed in a contemporary style. It’s a little harsh, but at the same time pretty cozy. It was necessary to change the geometry of the room to inspire comfort.
It's a well-known  fact that a person feels more comfortable in a square room than in a stretched one, so we needed to visually reduce the length of the room. To do so, several techniques were used:
1. One of the longitudinal walls was partially painted in a deep dark blue color, which visually moved it aside;
2. We used mirrors on the opposite wall to extend the space to the other side.
Since the ceilings in the apartment are low, vertical lines of furniture and partitions helped to lift them visually.
By using these techniques, the space was visually enlarged both vertically and horizontally. As a result, the room became more spacious and airy.
The color palette contributed greatly to this as well.
We made walls light and used soft colors of textiles. It added a homey touch and softened the presence of mirror surfaces.
In order to make it cozier inside, aged plaster was also used. Since the room lacks sunlight, it is highlighted with a warm yellow color. Thus, even in a gloomy, cloudy day the room will have warm, cozy and well-lighted ambience.
One of  the brightest accents of the room were musical instrument and cushion covers. Orange and yellow colors brought a touch of playfulness to this place.


3D sketches