Interior of a small Minsk flat, owned by a young talented photographer. The image of future interior was formed instantly after the first meeting.
 Scandinavian style, contrasting dark walls, natural materials, definite lines and a little bit of minimalism- all those wishes can be found at the core of the project.
Pretty cramped space was to be extended to the maximum. To give room some air and light we combined the kitchen, the corridor and the living room.
From now on the frequent guests won’t be boxed in a small space.
There are some places in the TV and dining areas, where one can have a snack on a comfortable sill (which was lowered to have more light in the room). Kitchen is visually accentuated: graphic white cube of floor finishing and furniture are highlighted by the contrasting dark-grey bathroom wall.
 Originally the apartment had separated bathroom and restroom. We have combined them and moved the wall into the corridor in order to make place for a bigger bathroom (more comfortable for a pretty tall host).
The bedroom now has a dressing room and a cozy reading place.
Aged cracked oak finishing in the bedhead radiates peaceful vibes of unity with nature.


3D sketches