Light was one of the most anticipated at this year’s exhibition. Since "light" and «kitchen" themes alternate every year, the eagerness to see what is new and surprising this time had overwhelmed many. I, like most designers, wanted to find for myself what would turn my mind upside down) And it happened! But first things first.


The first pavilion we entered was ICONE. The purity of lines cannot leave minimalism lovers indifferent!


Then there was the unsurpassed Flos! It can not be compared with anything else: technology and design, looking at which you feel an irresistible desire to equip one of the future projects completely with this light)))


And then we got to BOCCI...

A huge number of factories from all over Europe are represented at the exhibition, but not one of them left such an imprint on my memory as ... the Canadian factory BOCCI (who would have thought). Unfortunately, I had not heard of them before. Although it may be for the better because they need to be seen! Huge luminous jellyfish filled the pavilion, hung down from the ceiling, rushed into narrow passages and crawled along the walls. All this magnificence is not conveyed by my photos, but I hope that everyone interested can one day feel the same emotions when they see them!


After this pavilion we walked around the exhibition like spoiled children) nothing produced such an effect. But it was nice to see some of the already beloved factories again. One of them is Brokis.