AIR project

A young couple at the beginning of their family life has settled in a sunny home. Living room windows fill the whole room with sunlight and this is exactly the feeling we wanted to preserve in the future interior. A lot of air, light, modern furniture and a little lustre - that’s the way the interior was to be.
The living room is supposed to be comfortable both in everyday life and when guests come round. Somebody’s at the table, someone’s has already moved to the sofa, one has made himself comfortable at the bar stand-still all have to be together, not losing visual contact, having an opportunity to chat.
Ergonomical kitchen with a bar counter has enough room for all kitchen utensils. At the same time it is aesthetic and doesn’t blemish the living room.
Hostess can simply chat with her family while cooking, as the cooking surface is hidden by the beetled edge.
Many guests can make themselves comfortable on a big sofa, which is a fine place for a family movie night as well. Dining area has become a centre of the composition. A lot of light from the windows and airy hanging lamp sets the mood of the entire place.
Having breakfast with the family or having guests over-both are possible with a folding table, at which 12 persons can be seated.


3D sketches