ONYX project

Located in a quiet suburb, ONYX project is a modern minimalistic interior of a spacious residential house for a family of three. 


The homeowners, adepts of modern design, wanted to implement a sleek, stylish minimalistic interior, yet bring in comfort and warmth along with unconventional interior solutions that would make their home truly special. They also paid particular attention to the interior functionality, looking to have a beautiful, yet functional house without overloading the space with excessive furniture and decor.


Well-thought-out, soft minimalism out of time – that’s the concept our studio went for on this project. A blend of wood, concrete, stone and metal balanced by neutral shades on the walls makes a minimalistic, flat background for a set of artistic architectural forms in the hallway, dining room, and the living room. The rhythm of the space is driven by a sequence of gypsum panels, drop-down zonal lightning, and laconic brass columns. Bronzed mirrors further expand the apartment, reflecting the play of lines and shapes and filling the space with the air. 


Natural materials in geometric shapes softened by moderate yet chic design elements and decor create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, just the one our clients were looking for.




At the entrance, a large spiral staircase enchants with its white railing lace. Two round-shaped ceiling lights, just as two little moons, illuminate the spacious hallway inviting to the next floor.

Bocci lamps and a hanger from Cattelan Italia gracefully descend from the ceiling in the entrance hall. A swing door to the dressing room is almost invisible, as it is decorated with a mirror. Another hidden door leads to the garage.

The dominant piece of the dining area, a dividing space between the living room and the kitchen, is an elongated marble table where family dinners and friends gatherings will be held.  Our customers didn’t want this area to look ‘abandoned’ in everyday life. Therefore, we decided to abandon the idea of putting a set of identical chairs that’s usually placed around the table. Instead, the seating areas are evenly distributed throughout the open space: by the table, there are two chairs and a couch where children can sit - fidgets are often bored to dine with adults for a long time. Other chairs can be found in the kitchen and living room. 

The kitchen is hidden behind swing doors that match the furnishing on the wall. When open, they let in the light from a luminous kitchen, whilst when closed – ensure the integrity and continuity of the space. In the kitchen, there is a table for 4 people, as well as an island with half-bar stools - one can drink coffee while someone from the family is busy cooking. Kitchen furniture is quite minimalistic, but functional at the same time: capacious hidden storages integrated into a seamless surface of glazed facades. Here we can also notice an invisible entrance to a so-called technical kitchen with additional refrigerators and freezers.

The living room is split into 4 major zones: a TV-zone for home movie nights, a cozy fireplace zone, a reading zone with a book niche, and a working zone by the window. A marine-blue modular sofa serves as a seamless space divider. The minimalistic fireplace with brass paneling is framed by a set of terracotta lounge chairs of irregular shape.

As the client sometimes works from home, we took care of a functional office where business meetings and classes will be held. Simple, concise forms make the geometry of the room. The document storage space is hidden in a minimalistic black console.

A comfortable relaxation area with a sauna and jacuzzi adds the final touch to the ground floor. Using lots of green plants and pearly pendant lights, here we created a calm, peaceful atmosphere that would make clients feel somewhere in the wild. 


The second floor is a special, private place designed for family members only. This is where they can relax and take time for themselves.

Each of our clients adheres to their own sleeping schedule, so there is not one, but two master bedrooms in this house.

Her bedroom is delicate, airy and soft. Apart from a comfortable bed, we placed a dressing table and a soft chaise lounge in here so that she could enjoy reading books by the window.

His bedroom is minimalistic, textured. The client wanted to leave as much free space in his bedroom as possible, so we avoided overloading it with extra furniture – only a bed, an armchair with a floor lamp and a bookcase are placed in the room. A wooden bench and a large abstract canvas are the only décor pieces in the room. 

In the morning, the couple will meet in a spacious shared bathroom, which can be accessed through two walking closets. A group of two washbasins with mirrors form the central composition of the room. Onyx worktops seamlessly transition into the integrated sinks that are framed by wooden slats. Mirrors have a retractable system with convenient shelves where our clients can store all the necessary cosmetic products. There’s another storage area inside the cabinet, all the communications are located here as well. 

We wanted to get away from the feeling of an ordinary bathroom, but to fill the space with a calm, relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. Therefore, for instance, the faucets look like posh decorative elements rather than plumbing fixtures. Two rattan chairs, as well as a coffee machine and a mini-refrigerator are present in the room too. Why not to start your morning with invigorating coffee in an impromptu spa?

There are two more bedrooms on the floor: one of them, minimalistic, yet girly, is for the clients’ daughter, whilst the other, cozy and neat, will welcome their guests.

What’s peculiar about this part of the house is that it has a real workshop in it! Our customer is a huge amateur of models, so we designed a special room for that. We did not want to hide the workshop behind the walls, so it is separated from the hall with stained glass and swing doors. Inside - a real paradise for the master! There is a work desk, a paint zone with a hood, and a lounge zone where one can relax in a comfy armchair. The interior style of this room is industrial set by rusty metal, concrete and brickwork.

Our customers lead an active, healthy lifestyle, so there is a small gym next to the workshop. The doors, made of perforated metal, let in the light through the steel ‘lace’ even when closed. The walls are partially painted, the remaining areas are covered with brickwork and mirrors. On the concrete ceiling, tubular white lamps with perforation are hanging. 

Laundry is another room located on the floor. Despite its technical purpose, this place is not devoid of aesthetics and style– all that for a reason: the head of the family really likes to iron as he sees it as a form of meditation and stress relief! Therefore, being equipped with everything necessary for laundry and ironing, the room still reflects the mood of the entire interior.