LaTrika project

Jenya, the studio’s art director, fell in love with a Russian fashion brand LaTrika from the very first sight.

LaTrika has entered the fashion market in 2015. The trinity of soul, mind and body is the philosophy the brand stands on. And this is reflected in every aspect of it: in its collections, in its clothing pieces, in attention to every detail and attitude to the customer. So, the interior of the LaTrika’s first store was to address the two major tasks: highlight the unique profile of the brand and bring in the atmosphere of daily chic and exquisiteness to its clients.


Photo: Sergey Melnikov



Having decided to open the first flagship showroom, Alesya, LaTrika’s founder and designer, immediately began searching for a suitable space. When she entered into a small courtyard in the very heart of St. Petersburg, all the doubts disappeared: there it was, a perfect place for the store. Located on one of the main streets, the area was somehow hidden from the city bustle creating a calm, peaceful atmosphere for everyone around.

Partitions dividing the room were dismantled to make it more spacious. Large windows – a four-leaf clover for any interior – allowed for natural light to flow through the space.    

Working on the project was both easy and tingly for us. We felt the atmosphere with heart and soul, but understood clearly all the responsibility on our shoulders. The first flagman store is the face of the brand!

When creating project mood boards, we tried to reflect the key differentiators of LaTrika: femininity, elegance, and delicacy. That is the reason why we chose classic white walls with moldings, which are additionally emphasized by herringbone flooring. Metal hangers with arched brass elements gracefully frame the picture, taking off the weight from the space and forming its lacy architecture.

Decorated with white marble porcelain tiles, the reception zone has a minimalistic cubic shape. An aged mirror on the wall here adds contrast to the entrance space. Such an approach made it possible to connect history with modern world, unite exquisiteness and comfort – all the peculiar features of the brand.

The fitting area is one of the most interesting composition zones of the space. For textile, we used velvet of the color of bleached umber and added mustard puffs. Custom oval-shaped mirrors have additional LED lighting, allowing the clothes to look naturally when buyers try them on. Besides, the mirror group acts as yet another sophisticated decorative element. 

A large pouf was placed next to the fitting zone so that spouses, companions and friends feel comfortable while waiting. A cup of coffee or even a glass of champagne will definitely make the wait-time fly! Above the pouf, a pendant lamp decorated with pearl shells is installed. Sky-blue color of the pouf together with a shimmering pendant give the final touch to the fitting area. 

The showroom also has a private client area for custom orders, where buyers can get a consultation from brand managers or the owner, try on particular clothing pieces and fit them, as necessary. 

A restroom is available for customers visiting the store. Initially, it was a tiny inconvenient bathroom facility, but we have managed to add the lightweight and classy vibe there too, yet keeping all the necessary functional elements in place. The feature wallpaper catches the eye, making a statement in the simple and calm interior of the room.