CONCEPT was designed as a ready-made interior project available in three color schemes. Both our subscribers on social networks and our team found this project, especially the dark option, beautiful and elegant, so we would like to share more details about it. 


The idea of ​​the project was to create a holistic interior concept for a standard set of rooms and areas of a typical apartment. When building this ‘configurator’, we took into account the common spaces, which were usually featured in technical design specifications of our previous projects.



The living room is combined with the kitchen, forming a single open space, as this is the area where a modern family spends most of their time at home: dining, watching movies and just talking.


The children’s room is quite spacious, as we wanted to place everything a child may need there: a comfortable bed, a writing desk, a workout zone, toy storage, as well as a large wardrobe.

A nice-to-have space for those who work at home, the small office can be easily transformed into a second children's room, if necessary.


The master bedroom has a large king-size bed, an area for reading (two armchairs and a coffee table), as well as a dressing table. In a separate zone of the room, we designed a standalone walk-in closet to avoid multiple wardrobes. Its shape and glass facades make the configuration highly convenient: you can easily see all the clothes and accessories, but at the same time, the shelves don’t get dusty. 


The project also includes two bathrooms, one of them has a free-standing bathtub. Most of the storage spaces are hidden here - we love to camouflage cabinets with the help of wall finishing and decoration or even remove them at all, whenever it is possible to allocate a separate room in the apartment instead. Thus, in this bathroom we used the same finishing for the furniture facades as on the walls to blend the sashes. Only a few open shelves are in place, emphasizing the architecture of space with their geometry.

The second bathroom has a shower, a washbasin and a hanging toilet. The washing and drying machines are also hidden behind the facades that match the walls.


In the hallway, we choose a lightweight rack with several hooks over open shelves, as there is a separate place for storing outerwear and shoes. We seamlessly concealed the door to the dressing room too, having trimmed it with veneer just as the hallway walls. 

We didn’t use a plethora of materials in the apartment finishing and decoration. This was done on purpose, as such a moderate material scheme allows creating an integral image of the space, brining in a feeling of coziness, comfort and tranquility. We believe, the abundance of materials in daily life is reflected on our state of mind. Indeed, every day our brain has to recognize and analyse multiple textures and colors in shops, offices and other public places, this way forming our perception of things. In view of this, home should be the place where you can take a break from the vivid colors and diverse materials and just relax. 

Therefore, for the project finishing we only used paint (including paint on gypsum panels), veneer and parquet (only two types of wood), natural stone, and large-format tiles in the bathroom.

As for the color scheme, dark interiors are not common these days, since most of us would more likely prefer our home to be light and airy. However, only the interior of deep dark shades can look restrained and elegant, calm, but very stylish at the same time - something white-coloured interiors usually cannot offer. Such color scheme creates a wonderful cozy atmosphere that helps to relax after a long and stressful working day.