ART project

The ART project was implemented as part of a well-known Russian TV-show «Kvartirniy vopros»

Working on the interior of the living room, we aimed at creating a minimalistic, yet a highly functional and comfortable space for the show’s participants. At the same time, we wanted to preserve history of the house and so bring some vintage elements to a new interior.

White neutral walls became a perfect canvas for a holistic interior composition consisting of laconic pieces of furniture and a variety of textures. We used a plethora of materials, such as wood, metal, aged glass and stone, and combined them all together to create a unique “drawing” of the room.

Photo by: Eugene Kulibaba


3D sketches


Quite a small living zone has become more spacious thanks to the redevelopment: we integrated the room with a part of the corridor and moved the entrance to the kitchen. By the way, to ensure the integrity of the apartment’s interior in the future, we developed a project of the kitchen along with the living room and presented all the drawings to the home owners as a gift. This will help them to plan the kitchen area properly and make sure there’s a space for all the necessary utensils and equipment as they continue the refurbishment. 

In order to eliminate the feeling of a walk-through room, we decided to hide all of its doors using a couple of tricks:

  • The door to the hallway features a sliding mechanism and is hidden in a closet nearby. Since aged glass was used for the decoration, we used it for the lining of the lintel above the door as well. This way the door and the lintel blur together, allowing to extend the doorway vertically and make the door almost invisible. 
  • The door to the corridor leading to the bathroom, toilet and children's room, was painted in the same color as the walls. A sliding mechanism was used for it as well, which secretes the door away in the wall upon opening. 
  • The door to the kitchen is one of the key elements of the interior making it stand out. Let us tell you a little bit more about it. 

One of the interior’s highlights is a modern composition of metal and an oil painting. The truth is that this metal item is actually a sliding door to the kitchen! When necessary, the ‘door’ can be closed, turning into a real art object that separates the kitchen from the living area. The exclusive custom-made painting seems to soar up as it is mounted at a distance of 5-6 cm from the wall. This allows the door to slide behind the canvas when it is opened. A sofa of a deep marine color is a bright finishing touch that complements the composition we designed. 

The window sill and the TV console are another special items of the room. Aiming to make each interior object as functional as possible, we replaced the conventional window sill with an integrated console table with a storage space. As for the TV console, it can be transformed into a full-fledged table, where home owners can spend time with their guests having meals and playing board games.

For the finishing of the consoles, we decided to go for epoxy resin, rather than stone. Epoxy resin is a lightweight, environmentally friendly material that is usually used for paintings. However, our interior objects are true art residing on a white background! So with the help of this material we camouflaged the table and the window sill console at a reasonable cost. Besides, unlike marble, epoxy products have a relatively small weight, which makes it easy to move them without effort.

As a result, we managed to design a stylish, one-of-a-kind interior, which yet creates an atmosphere of comfort and domestic warmth. 

TV project video